White Angel

Sunday, September 16, 2018

It had been raining and the day is slowly fading away. I am walking on the wet streets towards to city centre to have dinner with my colleagues. The air is cooled down by the rain but it still feels comfortable in my t-shirt and shorts. As I pass by the National Theatre I see a beautiful statue of a Cello. At least 7 meters tall. The trees behind it are lit up by light. In front of the cello is a small stage. Simple plastic white chairs are set up for the audience. Obviously, something is going to happen here.

I decide to stick around. Dinner can wait. A local stand is selling ice-cream so I get some to satisfy my hunger. Over there I meet Mihai. He introduces me to Braga, a local beverage which tastes like a creamy cider. Mihai tells me that another group will start after the first one is finished.

We drink some and enjoy the beautiful sounds of a classical orchestra which exists out of three violins, a cajon, contrabass and a cello. They play a few songs and leave the stage. Some more rain is expected so they quickly rebuild to stage for the main orchestra, containing 30 people. The first song is barely finished as the wind starts to move the trees. Leaves are dancing in the air and the sky on my left looks pitch black. I feel the first drops falling down. Heavy rain is coming. The orchestra seeks shelter and so do we.

The rain has been pouring on the earth for half an hour when it decides to stop and makes room for the orchestra to continue their performance. We are standing behind the plastic white chairs on the first step of a concrete stair which leads to the entrance of a metro station. I am standing straight, with my hands folded in each other resting in front of my belly. Many beautiful songs pass by, performed by this orchestra and various singers who alternate the stage. I feel myself glowing from the inside.

There you are, a beautiful white angel. Simple white shoes, a beautiful white dress and long blond hairs. Very modest and classy in appearance. You came from the metro behind us. Probably attracted by the beautiful vibrations created by the instruments and vocals. It was spacious enough. Still, you choose to stand right next to me. Only a few centimeters apart. You are standing straight, with your hands folded in each other in front of your belly.

Beautiful pink roses are handed out to all the ladies in the audience and you gratefully receive yours. Even though I am not looking at you I can feel your presence and beauty. Our souls are dancing on the vibrations and it causes a gentle movement in our bodies. Every now and then, our physical appearances, touch each other briefly. It feels as if we are one. I am glowing even more from the inside. I feel satisfied, happy and complete. We are united.

After a few songs, you simply left. I didn’t turn my head around to see you fade away. I can only assume you went back into the metro. We never crossed eyes, shared a single word and barely touched each other. It wasn’t necessary, your presence simply was enormous.

The concert comes to an end. A trumpeter plays his last notes as the people stand up, wave and simply walk away in silence. The rain realizes that this concert is finished and starts again. I wave the artists goodbye, say farewell to Mihai and slowly walk my way home as the raindrops gently fall on me.

My stomach is empty and I feel deeply satisfied.

Bucharest, Romania

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bucharest, Romania

Tuesday, September 15, 2015